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2010 Staunton Oktoberfest

2010 Lancaster Liederkranz Oktoberfest

2007 Childrens Fair

2009 Wheel Inn
Roaring Branch, PA
Wheel Inn has great foodThe Wheel Inn has great food Terry and CarolWheel Inn
Bud is hungry
The MillersBill and Rosalie

2009 Wurst Fest
Shawnee Mountain Ski Area, Shawnee-on-Delaware , PA
Joe and NancyNancy and Joe Strite Fred "Fritz" Nussbaum
Fred "Fritz" Nussbaum
Flügelhorns and more Dorina and her cowbellsDorina's premier performance on the bells
Kelly and the PitkinsKelly and the Pitkins Austrian Bpys + Schuplattler Musician The Austrian Boys join inThe Austrian Boys join in Frank BilllowitzFrank and his accordion
Let's dance!Let's dance!

2005 Band and Dancers
Staunton, VA

2005 Christmas
Mifflinburg, PA
Mifflinburg on stage. Notice the snow! Kurt is MC as well as director
Bill Miller
Mifflinburg Evening


2004 Picklefest, Dillsburg, PA

2004 Oktoberfest
Staunton, VA
Kurt Richter Kurt Richter


2004 Picklefest, Dillsburg, PA
Jim Hedges, Fred Nussbaum, Scott Madey Group Photo Singing "Roll out the Barrel..."

Dick Kremp on Drums Vincent Eschelman and Ron Baker

If you have some great photos of our events and of our band, please email us.  We'd like to post them to our site!

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